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“ආහාර නිශ්පාදනය සහ අපනයනය තුලින් ස්වයංපෝෂිත සහ සෞභාග්‍යමත් ශ්‍රි ලංකාවක් උදෙසා”
“To contribute to a prosperous future in Sri Lanka, by developing the post-harvest sector and food manufacturing sector of the country by adding value to the local agriculture base while capitalizing opportunities to uplift the nation at local level and making Sri Lanka a giant in the field of agri-food export”

CAP Organic SL (Pvt) Ltd.

Delish Products (Pvt) Ltd.

Ceylon Tropical Harvest (Pvt) Ltd.

Denraland (Pvt) Ltd..
Ceylon Pickle
Irasa Food Products
Cino Ceylon Herbal (Pvt) Ltd.
Umandawa Maha Vihara Monastery

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